GLEE : énooooooooorme BABY BUMP de SORTIE

Petite promenade tout baby bump dehors pour Matthew Morrison, l'inoubliable Will de Glee, et sa femme Renee !

A 38 ans, l'acteur s'apprête à accueillir son premier enfant avec sa femme, Renee Puente, mannequin de son état !

Les deux tourtereaux, ensemble depuis 2011, ont annoncé la grossesse de madame en mai dernier !

Et depuis, le baby bump a bieeeeeeeen poussé !
 angel... it's a good day today.. I have always been an information seeker. Love educating myself, especially now! I just feel more comfortable and confident with the more information I have about things. Pregnancy and the birth process is no different, and even more important of a topic than ever! There are 2 models of care: the medical model and the midwifery model. Every woman is different and has a certain idea of what she would like the birthing experience to be for her. Meds from the get go, induction procedures, C-section, etc. if that is her desire, I am in full support! However, what I am NOT in support of is someone coming in and driving fears into the minds of women that are already vulnerable and would do anything to protect her child! I have had an OB follow me through this journey and along the way have had to fight and defend my desire for a natural, unmedicated birth with as few interventions as possible. Obviously, no one can plan for what may go awry in this natural process and we are in a time where medicine is at its finest and has saved countless women and their babies! This is tremendous and we are so fortunate to have medicine and those trained to save lives! I have so much respect for these trained professionals... However, My intention while bringing my child into this world is to keep my senses alive so that I can experience the true wisdom and power that labor and birth have to offer in the safest, most peaceful and encouraging environment as possible. I want to encourage women out there who don't feel that the medical model is for them.. search, educate yourself, read books, ask questions! If at any time you don't feel comfortable or supported in your desires, go elsewhere! There are options! I want to thank my instructor #kathykillebrew for your knowledge, experience and desire to help us all on the journey to parenthood. I HIGHLY recommend taking classes! @_matthew.morrison_ and I have been filled with so much information and awareness and my love even said today how ready & empowered he is for this adventure! We both are!!! My favorite book I've read so far for those looking for one is Ina May's Guide to Childbirth...

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Depuis l'annonce de la grossesse en mai dernier...


...HI... 🤰🏻✨

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Le baby bump a grandi...


...I don't even know where to begin... this weekend, the love, the blessings, the belly kisses, the honoring of my mom who cannot be here during this extraordinary journey in her physical body, this MAN; my man @_matthew.morrison_ my baby's PAPA... what a ride that I just continue to find myself on and never getting off. This was more than a baby Shower... this was a celebration of LIFE and FAMILY. I can't believe sometimes where I am.. I still think sometimes talking to my baby that this is too good to be true. I ask Lil Mo.. then I feel a kick or a ninja chop.. NOPE! Lil Mo says... the mind has a reason I guess for not being able to fully comprehend what's going on and what is about to happen.. I'm just sitting back and being entertained by it all.. Holding on to the moments and trying to breathe them in so fully. Everyone says how fast this all goes by, but I want to deny that and slow time by just being and surrendering to the now. I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER!!!!! I don't want to let go. But luckily I have something so much bigger to look forward to! Holding this new little soul in my hands. To watch the love of all my lifetimes discover a love that he never before could've fathomed. Half me, half him... Wow... the idea of that... this photo... just overwhelms me with emotion.. #thankful it just seems too small of a word..

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Et le mini bébé aussi !


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