On sait ENFIN comment être au top au bord de la piscine cet été !

La coach fitness Imre Ceçen a révélé, en une seule photo, LE secret des photos Instagram au bord de la piscine…

Comment paraître plus galbée sans bannir les apéros à la charcuterie et à la bière bien fraîche ?

Simple question de posture et rien de plus simple…

Voilà qui vient s'ajouter à la liste des coaches qui tentent de farie éclater la vérité au gradn jour : NON les photos Instagram ne sont pas celles de femmes parfaites, juste d'angles de prises judicieux ! 



‼️DIFFERENT KIND OF "KEEP IT REAL"‼️ I know some people are all done with the "keep it real" pictures so I thought I'd try a new one😅 I find this one kinda hilarious🙈chilling by the pool instagram vs real life👙 . Anyone familiar with the concept of having all "normal" legs when you're standing but as soon as you sit down they transform into huge piles of meat?🍖😂 Why is it that those 2 sticks we use to walk expand to the size of Texas whenever they touch a chair?😅 . This is the most NORMAL thing ever yet us girls seem to be so self conscious about it😔 Hello! Your legs are being pushed against a surface, they are supposed to expand! This doesn't mean you're fat🙅🏻 Even muscle will just look like a huge shapeless pile of meat when there's no flexing involved🍖 If you don't want your legs to expand maybe invest in stone legs!⛰⛏ I'd choose marble ones💁🏻😂 . We've just lost touch with reality because on the internet all we see are those freaking hot dog legs🌭 I am guilty of posting those too! Yet even I wondered on my last vacay why my legs were so "big" when I sat down. 😅 . Thought I'd take a good comparison pic and I'm pretty sure I've got a hernia now😅 Creating that thighgap & skinny legs feel was real hard😵 I had to arch my back like crazy, hold my legs up (serious ab work was involved) and had to sit on the edge of the pool which caused me to almost fall. Both my camera & I would have drowned in the sadness of insta perfection (I would survive the water though, I can swim!🙆🏻) To people who do sit like this in real life; I admire your core strenght & willpower! . Yep, that's the truth behind poolside hotdog pics. Truth be told I'd much rather sit like that right pic whilst enjoying an actual hotdog🌭 What is your fave poolside snack? Kinda wanted to hold a piece of watermelon whilst taking this but it turns out that's only for advanced instagram posing😅 I couldn't hold myself up, flex them abs, hold a watermelon & take pics at the same time😂 Guess I better start practicing for my next vacay!💁🏻 . Ps. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way my legs look in the pic on the right. Just showing you the difference! 🌭 vs 🍖 = both yummy🙆🏻

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Et la jeune femme, nous explique aussi que OUI, le corps change du matin au soir... 


🤰🏻👀 By now you've probably seen one of these kinda pics before but I was so amazed myself that I just had to share. Look at the difference between me coming straight out of bed and me in the evening🌝✨ . . We all know there are only 2 reasonable explanations. 1. My stomach is kinda bloated due to all the food it had to digest during the day🍝 2. I got abducted & impregnated by aliens👽 Although I'd love to see what my half alien baby would look like lets talk about option nr 1 aka bloating🤰🏻 . Although most of us instagirls seem to have a flat tummy 24/7 we really don't. Most pictures on the internet are posed and show sucked in and flexed bellies😶 Great and all but it can give you a disformed idea of reality. Cause yes, I also get affected by what I see on the internet. I have stood in front of my mirror many times wondering why I looked like I was carrying triplets whilst all other fitgirls seemed to have a flat tummy all the freaking time🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 . . We like to show our "best" sides online and that's also okay!💕 However from time to time we might need a reminder that no one walks around looking "perfect" every single second of the day. It's normal for your tummy to expand a bit during the day. I mean hello, where did you think the food you eat goes?!😅 . . Be happy that your body digests all that food cause if it didn't you wouldn't be living that much longer😵 Angrily staring at your bloated belly isn't gonna make it go away. Might even make it worse.. stress isn't good for your tummy at all🙈 . . Appreciate that your body is constantly working to keep you alive!🤗 Damn your body sounds like a good friend, right? So treat it like one! Start loving your body! Your body is not your enemy but your ally!🤝 Work with it and not against it. If you love your body no one can take that away and you'll be stronger than ever! LOVE YOURSELF!❤❤ . Ps. In case it turns out I'm actually carrying an alien baby I'll keep you up to date! What shall I name him/her?!👶🏻😂 #somanythingstotakecareof #willmybabyevermeetherdad? #gonnabeasinglemum

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Hooray, yet another 30 second transformation. We probably all know by now that even us instagrammers don't walk around posing all day😅 I mean seriously, who's got time for that? Also I'm pretty sure it would hurt as hell. But why did I call that left picture "bad" posture?✨ ✨ Posing means that you push your body out of its comfort zone. So not in its natural "shape". Yet in the left picture my body is also not in its "natural" shape. My shoulders are rounded so the upper part of my spine is curved. My hips are pushed forward which makes the lower part of my spine curve. Lots of us are walking around like this so guess it's nothing to worry about, right? . That's where we're wrong!! This posture is also called "slouching" and can cause serious health problems!! It can cause headaches, pulled muscles and back pains. That's why I called it "bad" posture. Now don't get freaked out cause this is not a death sentence but it's certainly something to think about🤔 . Lots of things can be done to change your posture. Start practicing to stand up straight and check your posture. Training can also help. Strengthen your core and make sure you stretch enough. Tight muscles can really change your posture and not in a good way. ✨ ✨ So should you now continue life looking like that right picture? Wouldn't recommend that either🙅🏻 Sure posing is fun for a picture but it's also not a healthy posture. In real life you should be looking somewhere in between these two pics. ✨ ✨ I know that working on your posture doesn't really sound like fun or maybe it just sounds like bullshit to you😳 But guess what; good posture makes you look so much better! Stand proud and tall, open your chest and you'll suddenly look so confident! ✨ ✨ Slouching is often done cause the closed posture makes us feel like we can "hide" from the rest of the world. Guess what? I can still see you! So instead of slouching, start standing straight up. Walk through the door like; hello, HERE I AM! Be proud!! You deserve to be seen!!❤❤ tag someone who needs to know about the importance of posture!!👯 ✨ Do you ever think about your posture? Or do you work on it? Let me know😘

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‼️BLOATING‼️ it happens to all of us and that's why so many fitness bloggers are sharing this with all their followers at the moment. Great and all but is bloating always as innocent as we think? NO!!🙅🏻 I don't want to scare you too much cause there are many silly and normal reason which cause this oh so famous "foodbaby" 👶🏻🍫🍕 . Yet these pictures of mine were taken in the morning on an EMPTY stomach. This ain't no ordinary foodbaby🙅🏻I turned out to have a serious case of LGS. This can actually get you really sick and that's also what it did to me😩 New blogpost is on my blog explaining what can be the "less serious" causes of your bloated belly but also the serious ones! + some tips to prevent bloating. Direct link is in my bio🤗 - - I'm feeling kinda mean now cause I know how happy everyone was getting from all those fitness bloggers sharing how normal a bloat is. Sorry to be your dream crusher but sometimes bloating can be an indicater of a quite serious digestive issue. No need to instantly run to your doctor when your tummy gets a bit bigger after a meal guys🙅🏻 Just read the post and figure out what causes your beloved "foodbaby". - - It's totally normal for your body (&belly) to change a bit during the day. You can't expect to eat and drink without getting a little "bigger". I mean everything consume has to go somewhere right? Don't get too fooled by what you see on instagram. As I said I had a severe case of LGS and also candida. (All explained in the post) This picture was on an empty stomach so after I'd eaten my tummy got even bigger and would hurt like hell. Yet even I could still suck it in! - - Don't think you should be embarrassed because of a tiny bloat! You might think all your "idols" don't have one because you never see it on their pictures. WAKE UP! Look at how bloated I am and yet still able to suck it in for a picture. Even us instagram weirdos who are believed to have super powers just because we have lots of followers are only human. We get bloated to, we have fatrolls or skinfolds and damn do I look ugly most of the time😂👹 - - Be proud of who you are! You are beautiful, amazing and stronger than you might think! Go get it!!❤

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