Cet ACTEUR ULTRA SEXY en a ras-le-bol d'être CÉLIBATAIRE !

La vie est trop duuuuuure pour le beau et inoubliable Don Draper de Mad Men, alias Jon Hamm !

Marié pendant 18 ans avec Jennifer Westfeld, l'acteur et sa femme s'étaient séparés juste après son séjour (à lui) en cure de désintoxication.

Aujourd'hui âgé de 46 ans, Jon en a MARRE d'être tout seul... Comme il l'a déclaré au magazine InStyle.

Alors, qui est partante pour aller lui tenir compagnie, le soir, au fond de son grand lit froid ?




That smile. #JonHamm | Photograph by @carterbedloesmith.

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Bah aloooors, Jon ? 



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Besoin d'amour et de tendresse ?


S/C ! #JonHamm

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Si c'est comme ça, on signe TOUT DE SUITE !


Oh man, this is most best love yes. 💓😂#felicity #hammsando #funnywriter @ReGrann @dopequeenpheebs "I'm trying to pay off my student loans and make sensible salads and THIS 👏🏾 MAN 👏🏾 AND 👏🏾 THIS 👏🏾 PHOTO 👏🏾 HAVE 👏🏾 FUCKED 👏🏾 UP 👏🏾 MY 👏🏾 ENTIRE 👏🏾 LIFE 👏🏾. Kathy Griffin is out here crying, uploading her resumé on Monster.com, and going on an apology tour; meanwhile, Jonathan Daniel Hamm is out here in these streets just rolling up his sleeves, looking fine AF, and warming up our peens and vajeens like a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel straight out the oven and not apologizing for shit. He is moving on with his life while we're left feeling like "Felicity" season two when she cut her hair and everyone stopped watching the show aka We. Are. Fucking. Ruined. If we were a Wikipedia post about a society, we would be under the section entitled "The Decline" right now. If we were a food, we would be a cake that fell halfway thru baking on an episode of "Masterchef." If we were a haircut, we would be the Flock of Seagulls do from the "I Ran" music video. We are Devastation Nation and I'm just waiting for Red Cross to air drop us some church fans, Gatorade, and a new economic plan with which we will use to rebuild ourselves. God bless this man. #YQY #JonHamm #YKY #IWillBeTheEggsToHisHamm #CompleteBreakfast - #regrann @dopequeenpheebs"

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