Abby Pollock est une jeune canadienne de 23 ans qui est devenue une véritable star sur Instagram.

En effet, elle y poste régulièrement des photos de sa transformation physique très impressionnante !

Anorexique, la jeune femme a vaincu la maladie en changeant ses habitudes alimentaires et elle s'est mise à faire du sport très régulièrement, ce qui lui a sculpté un corps musclé et un fessier plutôt imposant...

Elle pourrait presque faire de l'ombre à Kim Kardashian, là.




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Le fessier de la demoiselle est plutôt impressionnant.


TAG A FRIEND to round the booty🍑! - Wondering how to create that round and full appearance from the back? Keep reading. Your glutes are made up of two main muscle groups: gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. Gluteus maximus gives you depth from the side, while medius gives your butt that round shape from the back and helps create the illusion of wider hips. - My favorite exercises for this are: 🔹Machine abduction 🔹Lateral band walks 🔹Cable side kicks 🔹Curtsy lunges AND any traditional glute exercise with a band around your knees (eg squat, hip thrust, leg press). The band helps ensure you're engaging gluteus maximus and medius. Its like a two for one deal. - 👉Join my team today: #TransformNation

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Et c'est notamment dû à un changement dans son alimentation.


FB LIVE STREAM 8:00PM EST (join link in bio): The 4 BIGGEST Mistakes Made By Beginners. . One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see women make is that they’re not eating enough. Eating 1000 calories a day took constant willpower. I had to constantly plan and re-plan what I was eating so I didn’t accidentally go over or eat a food that was “off-limits”. Aside from the fact that I was physically drained from eating so little, I was mentally drained from obsessing over such a trivial part of my life. Eating 1700 calories a day (pic on the right) was how much I was eating on a HEALTHY DIET. On the right I was leaning out for a bodybuilding competition and was still losing weight + reaching a low body fat while eating this many calories a day 🍎👏. . What I want you to pay attention to here is: (1) how I’m carrying myself and (2) the difference between bone vs. muscle. (1) On the left, my shoulders are hunched, my back is to the camera and based on memory, I know I was NOT smiling. On the right, my shoulders are back, chest up, and I’m SMILING proud 🤗. (2) On the left, I have “shape” only because I’m so thin that you can see my bones. Had the lighting been different, you would have seen my full rib cage. On the right, I am lean but strong, shapely and sculpted 💪! . If you want shape / tone / or that tight sculpted bikini look, you will not get it by starving yourself. Nothing good will come from starving yourself. By not eating enough calories, you starving your body and mind, ultimately sabotaging your own progress. Sorry not sorry for the rant. Girl got passion 🔥💕. See you on the live stream!

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Ainsi qu'à des séances de sport intensives !


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