BLUFFANT : cette femme a PERDU PLUS de 50 KILOS en 1 AN !

Cette jeune femme de 25 ans pesait 90 kilos et en a pris 30 de plus pendant sa grossesse !

C'est après la naissance de sa fille qu'elle a décidé de reprendre sa vie en main, et d’adopter un mode de vie plus sain.

Jusqu'alors elle ne mangeait que de la junk food, fumait et buvait beaucoup. Mais elle a choisi de changer pour sa fille !

Elle a préféré de ne pas faire de vrai régime, mais a juste commencé à manger sainement et à faire un peu de sport.

C'est grâce à ces petits changements que la jeune femme a perdu plus de 50 kilos en un an !

Elle partage la transformation incroyable de son corps sur Instagram, où ses 8000 abonnés la soutiennent.


Hey Y'all! Today is my Monday and I'm soaking up every ounce of it! For those who don't know , I love Mondays :) My arm work out at the gym today was: -Superset: 1 arm preacher curls / each arm 3x10 Barbell preacher curls 3x15 -Standing Barbell Curls 4x25 (low weight) -Cable curls 3x10 -Tricep Pulldowns-3x12 -Superset DB 1 arm Tricep extensions 3x10 Both hand tricep extensions 3x20 I let myself go (obviously) and it happens to millions of people for many different reasons. I don't care if you're 10 pounds overweight or 300 pounds overweight , you can do it!!! I suffer from chronic pain from RA, and I did it. It's hard and it's much more difficult for me than someone who has healthy joints... but that's not an excuse ! My BIGGEST TIPS ARE: •Drink a gallon of water a day •Meal prep •Do AT least 3-5 days in the gym. If you are struggling and don't know WHAT to do , check out for FREE Work out programs or download the app JEFIT to get some exercise ideas!

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My mom bod is too real in this photo! Lighting hitting my sides perfectly to really show those tiger stripes 🐯 Y'all can ask any of my close friends , I am quite shy about my stretch marks and I try not to "flaunt" them, if you get what I mean. But this is me. No matter what angle or filter I choose ... they're there. And they will be there forever. And I'm lucky enough to 1. Have a cool mini me and 2. Have a hottie who likes mah body. 😉 Some of y'all ladies were lucky to not get stretch marks while pregnant or even during weight gain! But there are women who struggle every day with body insecurities , just like I do! Did you guys know that I struggle SEVERELY with body dysmorphia? I work hard in hopes that one day I'll overcome this! First step is accepting your flaws and bettering yourself in all ways possible! Have a wonderful Sunday and remember, tomorrow is Monday and Mondays are the best day to start fresh!

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